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Photo of The Day: Early Warning Signs That She's . . . ?

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I cooked my famous campin' pancakes and the leftovers sat there until lunch time. We didn't do all that much after breakfast. Brooke and I hucked a frisbee back and forth, and then a few of us adults and kids sought out a geocache out in the forest. The cache turned out to be a rope swing hanging in a sad looking oak. So we took turns swinging awhile. With nothing else on our minds, we hiked back to camp and each of us reached for a snack. I found Wheat Thins, herb cheese, and baby carrots. A couple of dads had given up resisting the urge and dove into the beer stash. Okay that's not true — they did that right after breakfast.

But my wife stopped my heart. She grabbed a pancake from the leftovers pile. Then she asked me to bring her the peanut butter, which I did. Brooke held the pancake in one hand, a butter knife in the other, asked me to remove the lid of the peanut butter, and that's when she jammed the knife into the jar, worked out a rather large clump of peanut butter, and smeared it right onto the pancake.

I just watched because I was scared.

She looked at me. "What?"

"If you add baby carrots to that, you're taking a pregnancy test when we get home."


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# Nathan 2011-09-20 15:32
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# Mark 2011-09-20 20:55
Well? Well the week's not over yet . . .
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