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Photo of The Day: Chris Marzonie's Turbo Campin' Pancakes

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There is little chance that anyone's pancakes on planet Earth can beat those of Chris "BajaTaco" Marzonie. He has the temperature dialed in just right on his camp stove that toasts each pancake with a joyous, nameless heavenly color. The sweet-scented steam rises with a gentle whisper. But is that all?

No, there's more. It gets much better. He custom tailors each one to the indulgences of the stomach to which it's destined. At a remote desert camp down a long, long dirt road to nowhere in far western Arizona last November, Marzonie had one entire table assigned to the menu choices. He sliced up fresh fruits, like bananas and apples. Had a bag of chocolate chips. Two kinds of syrup. Butter. The real thing, not some alternative soy-based coagulated edible polymer tinted with yellow dye. Chopped nuts. Berries. All kinds of berries. If you had to put a price on a pancake with all the fixings, it'd surely need to fetch about 12 bucks apiece before even getting into a discussion about gross profit margin.

He pulled this off for a crew of 20-some grateful souls crawling out of their trucks. But, yes, these hotcakes are crafted one-by-one and we woke up later than everyone else; and therefore at the end of the line. My daughter wanted a pancake with berries. Being an only child, she's used to just hollering what she desires and watching it appear before her eyes within seconds. Not this morning. Marzonie was running a small one-man custom pancake shop and the crowd was gathered around with their empty plates and desperate faces. He broke a sweat, never looked up, and didn't take numbers or ribbing from his buds.

"Who's next!? How would you like it?"

Next time I see him, I'm going to ask him to make his pancakes again. I have a feeling he'll say no way. Alas, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It certainly tasted like it.

Now that you know about his pancakes, you ought to know about his photography:


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# Aaron 2011-12-28 16:22
Wow! Those look amazing! Everyone should have friends like that! :)
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# B.D.P. 2012-01-12 15:38
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