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Photo of The Day: Great Biking in Colorado's San Juan Mountains

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Camera: Canon 5D | Lens: EF24-105mm | Setting: f/4, 1/800 sec, ISO 100

Not everyone enjoys the charm of a gas station country store, and that's okay. Under most circumstances, I wouldn't either. This time, though, our 11-month-old girl conked out for the afternoon to the gentle whir-n-whiz of the wheels on the road. A sleeping child always sets the stage for relaxation, doesn't it? For more reasons than we can count . . .

Brooke and I grabbed a pit stop late in the afternoon on this ride outside of Telluride, Colorado. It must have been the cold grape Gatorade, or the moments spent digesting the headlines in the San Juan papers, or amusing the chipper lady working the cash register with a chat, or our admiration of the simple beauty of a galvanized steel pan used as a flower pot, or feeling of satisfaction found in taking a stretch in an Adirondack chair, or the sight of that trusty gray sky about 3:00 pm in June bringing a short downpour. Just like it does every day.

All I know is that the great pleasures of a bike ride around the Colorado mountains came together at the San Miguel Country Store. You don't get to pick when it happens. It just does.


Tim Mann
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# Tim Mann 2015-03-23 19:32
Can I ask what kind of bike trailer that is?
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