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Photo of the Day: Paddlin' and Dreamin'

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mountain lake kayaking with children
Camera: Canon 5D | Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM | Setting: f/4, 1/160th sec, ISO 100

Once upon time, on the cool waters of a tranquil mountain lake, a dad took his daughter kayaking. The dad brought a little paddle for her to use.

She dipped the paddle in the water at once, splashed it around like she'd done a hundred other times with a whisk in pancake batter.

"Am I helping?" She asked.

"Yes, sweetie. You're helping."

"Am I helping a whole bunch?"

"Yes. A whole bunch. Are you tired yet?"

"No. Not yet. Am I still helping real good?"

"Yes, darlin', you're helping. More than you know."



"Because why?"

"Because this is the best day of my life."

"Not mine."

"What? Why, darlin'? Isn't this fun for you?"

"Yeah. But I miss Mama."

So it went, over and over. The pony-tailed girl and her dad spent the Saturday afternoon going round-and-round in circles.


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