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Photo of the Day: Hurry, It's A Little Drippy

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Little girl camping holding messy smores

You need another picture of s'mores like you need a hole in your head. Or, what the heck, maybe not. What do I know? So let's do it. My daughter and I have taken an annual camping trip just the two of us the last two years — yeah, kind of odd to declare that an annual tradition, but the sweetie is just 5 years old. Not a bad ratio. Both times we drove up into the mountains two hours from home, swam in the lake, made a tree swing, and ate like mom wasn't watching.

Because she wasn't.

But both trips also included more than one comment from the blue-eyed halfling, "I wish Mama was here." You can imagine that goes over well with me. I thought I had it sealed up when we didn't finish dinner with s'mores but started dinner with 'em. She asked to cook the marshmallows herself, so while she did that I heated the chocolate into a fine runny syrup. We mashed it all together, she held it up in the air and goes, "I WANNA SAVE THIS ONE FOR MAMA!!"

Unbelievable. We have some work to do on her attitude.


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