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Photo of the Day: Mom's Day Off, Goes Climbing Instead

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alyssa rappels looking glass rock utah
"I am a stay at home mom…but that doesn’t mean I stay at home." - Alyssa

You won't find too many folks who'll analogize parenting with multi-pitch rock climbing. Unless you come to, y'all. This is the place for that, obscure as it may be. The two, parenting and climbing, certainly do share few concepts but the only one that matters right now is this: sometimes you swap leads. In parenting, that means sometimes you get to go off duty for a while and put your partner in charge of the home front. Likewise, in climbing sometimes you get the relief of finishing a lead and passing the rack to your partner.

Alyssa, the lady you see dangling here, took a "Mom's Day Off" and used her window of freedom to road-trip it with her friend Kelly down majestic Highway 191 from Moab, Utah. They sought out a three-pitch route up Looking Glass Rock for easy desert climbing that plunks you on a summit with a 10-dollar view of Canyonlands in one direction and the La Sal Mountains in the other. The pair managed the climb without any trouble, just the thrill of a good day on a climb among good friends. But the rappel had their attention. Getting down from most climbs is the necessary evil that frequently wants to suffocate the joy and thrill of a good climb; sometimes a scramble, sometimes a rappel, sometimes a bushwhack, sometimes a fair little hike, sometimes a matter of being lowered down by your belayer. But from Looking Glass, it's a 185 feet of free air from the moment you begin your descent. That's a long rap, even without the air part. Free-air raps come with their own flavor of thrill, so make it 185 feet, and you've got a fairly spooky ride until your back on the blessed ground.

Admittedly, last time I took a "Dad's Day Off" I didn't do anything as interesting as this. 

Sharing this photo and story might give the impression that she's not an invested mother or wife, but that's not true at all. Alyssa runs the blog The Kid Project, where she pens thoughtful, smart and resonant musings of motherhood, marriage and adventure. However, I think this cool day trip is one many of us can relate to, how it taps into the lingering longings for a sweet adventure with a friend. Again, thoughtful and resonant. That's the kind of blog she runs.

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Photo by Kelly Konopa


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# Brandon 2013-03-24 21:31
"Sharing this photo and story might give the impression that she's not an invested mother or wife, but that's not true at all." It's amazing that you even need to mention this. My wife and I had our first kid recently and it's amazing to us how many women let their lives go, and yet the husbands still get to go out and "play". I hear guy friends of mine say stuff like "well, she stays up at night with the kid because she has to feed him". Seriously? That's what they make bottles for. I'm not perfect but there is no reason my wife should have to sacrafice what she loves to do, we're both equally responsible for raising our son. I think more guys need to step up and let their wives "play" too.
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# Brandon 2013-03-24 21:33
Oh, nice blog BTW, we have enjoyed reading about how you've gotten outside with your family. :-)
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