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Darlings, Walking on the Beach Looking for Fun

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There are only certain types of folks who find great pleasure in driving long washboard roads in Mexico that end at barren crowd-free beaches. Fortunately, a few of them are my friends and we happen to be raising kids around the same ages. Earlier this year we made a trek down through ol' Mexico that was originally going to a whole week of kayaking, camping, grilling fresh fish on a remote beach right on the Sea of Cortez. But you know how it goes, little snags in the calendar got in the way here and there, trimming it down to a three-day trip that jived with all five families. It ain't easy. As luck goes, this wicked storm brought 40-mph winds and a pounding rain on our second day, effectively blowing us out of there and two hours up the road to find a hotel to regroup. It killed the trip. We folded and went home the next morning.

See these four girls headed out to the water? This was just about an hour before the storm arrived. Though it looks like there's nothing to do here at all, that's not what these kids see. They see adventures of their own, and the last thing they want to hear is "We're leaving." They took turns burying each other in the sand, sculpting critters in the sand, digging holes, making sand castles, looking for shells. I don't know what else. They were just happy. As they marched out to the sea for another round of girls-having-fun after snack time, I watched and wondered what they'd be like when they're in college.


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