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Rolf and Jenny: 1 Year On The Road with a Baby Boy. Are They Nuts?

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Sometimes it will feel so self-indulgent to be a young parent who takes a baby on some epic adventure. I felt that way many times, especially during the really rough moments when our little super-screamer wailed in the darkness of midnight in the tent as we tried to sleep and calm her down. "My God, am I just dragging this poor child along on my zany escapades because I'm so self-centered that I don't want to give up my lifestyle?" Hey, self-doubt happens. That's parenthood for you.

AdventureParents.com is here to toast the fun parents who see value in taking their children out; whether it's around the world or around the neighborhood.  So check out Jenny and Rolf: they're going to take a year off to travel the U.S. with their 17-month old son. They say they're doing it "to bring America back to nature by using our family as a model to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower others to get out and enjoy America’s wilderness areas."

While many folks wait until their kids hit some ideal age to take them to interesting places for interesting experiences - like the Higham's, who took a round-the-world trip that began on tandem bikes with their two kids once their youngest was 8 (and I'd call that prudent) - it's also okay to do it when you have the time, the money, the motivation, because, well, you only get one life to live.

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