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Parents Always Take The Blame: The Colossally Cool Story of Liz Clark Sailing Around The World

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Liz Clark - InnerViews
from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

No matter what we become, it's like we just can't get away from the simple fact that we must pay homage to our parents for turning us into the creatures we grow up to be. Liz Clark learned to sail at a young age, and at 9 years old her parents pulled her out of school for a 6-month, 5,000-mile sea-going voyage to Mexico. She says she learned two things about herself from that extraordinary trip: "I wanted to protect the world from human destruction and, one day, I wanted to sail around it."

So that's what she's doing. Clark lives on a 40-foot sailboat, powered by wind and sun, and she travels with it. She's young, in her twenties I think, and chases waves and lives self-contained all by herself with a diminutive footprint on the planet - well, aside from the colossal amounts of stoke and inspiration she leaves behind. All invoked by her family's sailing adventure - so cool.

Don't tell my wife or my daughter's grandparents, but I'd be really proud if my daughter sailed around the world all by herself one day. Scared to death, but proud.


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