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Raise Those Ankle-Biters on Skis, Mountains and Travel, They Might Turn Out Like Johnny Collinson

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VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Johnny Collinson skiing in Greenland
from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Johnny Collinson is something else. In 2009, and at a mere 17 years old, he stood atop Mt. Everest as the youngest Westerner ever to do so. Obviously, he didn't just wake up one day, roll out of his van amid a haze of smoke like Jeff Spiccoli and decide to nab that summit. He's been enjoying all things mountain since he was born and apparently dirtbagging it with the family all along the way. His folks raised him and his sister skiing in Utah during the winters and campervanning in the summers. As he says, "We lived out of a van or a tent in the summer until I was 14, when dad got a summer job."

That's our kind of peeps.

Collinson has climbed the Seven Summits (the tallest peaks on each continent), skied three of them, and scored himself a snazzy spot on the Black Diamond Equipment regional athlete team. But that's not all, I'm sure. Collinson is surprisingly young for one who gets to travel all over the world climbing summits and skiing their slopes. He's fortunate to be doing what he's doing and I don't think that slips passed him. This short, and exceptionally sweet, video profile from Black Diamond contains loads of joyous skiing footage. His opportunities and achievements are to be commended, if not respected.


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