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Creating a Crag Baby from Jan Balster on Vimeo.

It's so, um, funny to look back as a parent with a 4-year-old (or of any age methinks) and realize how easy those babies are. Well, sure, I'll admit they're slightly more significant than the first climbing trip to Indian Creek for a week of hand jams and whippers under blue skies with good friends; babies flip your world upside down, no doubt. But babies, bless 'em, have yet to learn how to vocalize their opinions with pouting, and fibs, and all the I DON'T WANNAs and I'M TOO TIREDs that you can handle. Their needs are so simple and crystal clear (sleep, eat, play, repeat) and they communicate so well compared to that aforementioned turd-year-old. Babies eat and sleep and, yes, they cry but they're infinitely easier to take along on an adventure. You gotta hand it to 'em, they're nice and light.

Or maybe I'm casting a pathetically nostalgic and weepy eye toward babylandia and choosing to forget all the difficulties they invariably introduce. But I definitely remember a time when bedtime was as pleasant and peaceful as reading a few books with no interruptions, whispering a little shush-ing until she dozed, and creeping out the door and down the hall by 7:30. Now? It's practically warfare every night. Getting in the bath, getting out of the bath, brushing teeth, "Do I have to have toothpaste?", choosing which PJs to wear, summoning an act of Congress to get toys cleaned up from the floor, explaining why, no, she cannot have a movie before bed — ahh, what joy it is. Every. Night.

That's just one thing that strikes me in this video short that gets the word from the Lineberry family about maintaining a rhythmic climbing lifestyle as they raise a child. We've had the fine pleasure of climber-wife-mom Erica Lineberry's words grace our pages in 5 Rules Rock Climbing Moms Live By, and most folks know her by the title of her blog Cragmama.com. Her son just turned 2 years old, and she admits in a few places in her latest posts that, yes oh yes, things are changing now that their little baby is indeed growing up into a big boy. Erica is in the recovery stages from a broken talus and blogging about it in, uh, stride. So, here's to healing.

Nevertheless, this short film is so nicely put together and makes the point: yep, taking your kids, even babies, climbing is hard. And it's still  worth it. The Lineberry's have a super group of friends who help make the whole thing work out well, because you obviously need some helping hands while you're belaying your original sweetie and have her life literally in your hands. The beautiful thing is their son gets the soothing experience of napping on a crash pad outside on a sunny day. That alone ought to sell him on this stuff for sure.


Bring The Kids
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# Bring The Kids 2012-03-28 05:24
Thanks for sharing. It's great to hear Erica's story, especially as we have another one on the way right now!
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# Mark 2012-03-28 10:34
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Erica Lineberry
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# Erica Lineberry 2012-03-28 05:31
Hey thanks for the shout-out! :)
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# Mark 2012-03-28 08:50
It's a cool video, glad you made it.
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