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'Wild Love' Film Explores Balance of Love of Outdoors with Raising a Family

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Wild Love: Jake Norton & Wende Valentine from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

Alpinist Jake Norton is gone from home several times a year to summit the world's tallest peaks for First Ascent, and because the gent has two little kids and a wife, you'd think his story would be different. Something of a more modest life that includes khakis and a polo and a ride in a Prius carpool. That's not necessarily the case for this guy.

"What I want more than anything in life," he says in this short film, "is to teach Lila and Ryrie to find what you love in life, and not be deterred." Jake says that's why he keeps pursuing great climbs: not just to tell his children to do what they love, but to show them.

In Wild Love, filmmakers Andy Maser, Emily Nuchols and Jenny Nichols explore the power, wonder, and challenge of balancing a family life, a love of adventure, and a sweet marriage. This episode of Wild Love takes a glimpse behind the scenes in Jake and his wife Wende's home life while Jake is on an expedition in Uganda and on his way home. It's moving and inspiring to watch Wende talk about what it takes to keep this family going and the courage and commitment they all marshal to raise great kids and keep their marriage ablaze. It draws a connection, too, with the courage and commitment required to get up a precarious mountain and come back alive.

The episode you see here is just one of several more that examine and celebrate the real joys and challenges of love. More will be released later this summer.

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