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Mom Explains How Rock Climbing Helps Her Be a Better Parent

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Jacinda Hunter: Balance // Inside Game Episode 6 from Prana Living on Vimeo.

It's one thing to say, "When I'm climbing, I'm a better parent." But when Jacinda Hunter says so, it really commands some attention. Yes, she's a prAna ambassador, which might make you think all she does is climb-climb-climb while living on the good tidings of sponsorships or a trust fund, but not so. She holds down a regular job, has four children and a husband. And climbing?  She projects 5.14 routes in her spare time (which is, um, when?).

In this video Hunter makes the case not just for moms who rock climb, but also for career women. She explains that there is no greater priority than her family, and why raising a great family also means taking the time to pursue goals and achievements that are hers. I think it strikes up the discussion on the innumerable benefits that cycle back to the family when you're an active parent, but surely you'll forge your own impressions when you watch this short. Seemingly a superwoman, she admits that it's a matter of balance and priorities — and somehow she keeps a delightful smile going through it all.

What a cool lady.


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