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What It's Like to Be a Girl Growing Up On Hawaii's North Shore

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Raising little girls is a lot of fun, and I only know that because I have two daughters. Mine are young still, the oldest is just 5 years old. In this age of the internet it is so easy to show them all the possibilities of the crazy cool things they can get involved in, or the people they can grow up to become. Already, my 5-year-old says we're going to hike the Appalachian Trail together because one evening before bedtime, and using Netflix, I showed her a National Geographic program on the trail. She's watched it three times now. She asks to watch it. Another time I showed her the video of competitive 11-Year-Old rock climber girl Brooke Raboutou, and that too captured her attention and she asked to watch it over and over. She wants to try rock climbing, and I'm looking forward to passing time with her on the rock. Perhaps one day she and I will swap leads on some multi-pitch adventure route, but who knows?

More importantly, we have access to thousands, maybe millions, of videos of kids who do neat things like this one that features Jordyn Barratt. She's growing up on Hawaii's North Shore, and this is a slice of her adventure life. What's the word I'm looking for? We'll settle for cool. This is just cool.

You might think that she's aspiring to be a pro surfer, but no. Sure, she surfs and plays in the ocean. But she's most interested in skating. Watch this. This is the kind of thing that makes me stoked to be a parent of two girls.

Jordyn -Barratt 003

Jordyn -Barratt 001

Jordyn -Barratt 007

Jordyn -Barratt 002

Jordyn -Barratt 006

Jordyn -Barratt 004

Jordyn -Barratt 005


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