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Tomorrow Somewhere New: Here's How One Family Travels Full-Time in an Airstream Trailer

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Tomorrow Somewhere New from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

Josh and Jessica have a young son, and they used to have a lot of stuff. According to their manifesto, that included some pretty normal things: a second car, a 72-inch TV, home theater system, dining table, three sofas, a bed, piles of children’s toys and games, a wardrobe, a snow shovel, and oh yeah a five-bedroom house in the 'burbs of Manhattan, Kansas. But they grew highly dissatisfied with their life, not so much because of their possessions but because of how little free time they had. Who doesn't know that feeling well? Nevertheless, the couple brewed up a solution with a pretty potent main ingredient: "So we decided to sell our stuff . . ."

 . . . and they launched a dream. Instead of a house, they lay their heads in a 27-foot Airstream trailer, tow it with a black Ford 150 and spend their time visiting National Parks. I know some of you are nodding, throwing a fist-pump over your desk, and going, "Say no more, Mark! I'm-a-gonna-click-play-now." The threesome live on the road, and they've been doing it since 2011. They're fortunate to be able to generate an income by working remotely, and if you think traveling full time is just too expensive, Josh disagrees.

Living on the road can easily be cheaper than the alternatives: the house itself often costs less; there’s less space to acquire unnecessary belongings; taxes, insurance, utilities & maintenance are all far cheaper. But what about fuel?, you say? Well, first of all, we don’t drive that much more than we did before. But more importantly, we now have the freedom to drive as little or as much as we can afford. If we need to save on fuel costs, we just travel less.

The short documentary gives them the stage for few minutes to share their take on life, parenting, travel and the challenges of their situation. Presented by Dark Rye, an online magazine by Whole Foods, at times it's a little broad and vague—so let your mind wander at the possibilities for you and your family. Of course, it should go without saying, selling all your possessions and hitting the road isn't the only answer to a frustrating suburban lifestyle. It's just one.


You can enjoy more of their journey through thier crazy fantastic photos: 1337stream.com/photos


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# kelly 2015-04-10 10:09
I think this is AMAZING, and would love to do something like this. The thing this couple has that most do not, however, is the ability to work remotely. Most of us have to show up somewhere in order to generate that income.
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