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Brooke, adventure parentBecoming a parent can (and oh it will) happen to anyone - that goes for any whitewater lover, big wall climber, backpacker, ultra runner, damn good frisbee tosser, and, well, you. One day you're hang-dogging a 5.10b or admiring those tan lines left by your Chacos on the tops of your feet and the next you're hearing, "We're pregnant."  And you think, "My life is over. Goodbye kayaks, so long Chamonix summer adventure, hello minivan."
Maybe it's not over. Maybe you don't need a minivan.  Unless you want one.
Check out these parents and families who set the stage and take their kids outside.

Raise Those Ankle-Biters on Skis, Mountains and Travel, They Might Turn Out Like Johnny Collinson

Johnny Collinson is something else. In 2009, and at a mere 17 years old, he stood atop Mt. Everest as the youngest Westerner ever to do so. Obviously, he didn't just wake up one day, roll out of a van amid a haze of smoke like Jeff Spiccoli and decide to nab that summit. He's been enjoying and accomplishing all things mountain since he was born and apparently dirtbagging it with the family all along the way. His folks raised him and his sister skiing in Utah during the winters and campervanning in the summers. As he says, "We lived out of a van or a tent in the summer until I was 14, when dad got a summer job . . ."

Surfing & Family & World Travel: The Goodwin Film Project Fascinates

Remember the moment you learned that you were definitely going to be a real parent in under nine months? You saw the stick turn pink, or got word from the doc, or, like my wife said to me on the way to bed one night before letting the waterworks of happiness loose, "Well . . . you're going to be a dad." For the next 24 hours or more, it's a collision of far too many emotions to list, and plans and fears and bright ideas and joy. Or not. Depends what you went through. Eventually, though, things calm down and whether by design or nature or pressure you might start to make some decisions about the kind of parent you want to be, and the kind of contribution to humanity you want to make by raising some children.

Aamion and Daize Goodwin are on a round-the-world trip with their two little ones, Given and True, and have certainly made a conscious decision about the kind of parents they want to be.

And there's more . . .

Reflecting on 10 Years in The Saddle of Family Adventure Travel

When Stuart Wickes and Kirstie Pelling got married, they honeymooned for six months in South America. Actually they rode their bicycles through South America. Not a bad way to celebrate the blissful bells that mark the blessings of becoming ball and chain. Six months later they arrived in Tierra del Fuego. As you can imagine, this was one incredible adventure honeymoon full of sweet memories. For example, the pair took a week's work as a crew on a yacht, negotiating the fjords and island clusters of southern Chile.

It was no ordinary vessel. You could say it changed their lives  . . .

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