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Brooke, adventure parentBecoming a parent can (and oh it will) happen to anyone - that goes for any whitewater lover, big wall climber, backpacker, ultra runner, damn good frisbee tosser, and, well, you. One day you're hang-dogging a 5.10b or admiring those tan lines left by your Chacos on the tops of your feet and the next you're hearing, "We're pregnant."  And you think, "My life is over. Goodbye kayaks, so long Chamonix summer adventure, hello minivan."
Maybe it's not over. Maybe you don't need a minivan.  Unless you want one.
Check out these parents and families who set the stage and take their kids outside.

Family Lifestyle: Living in A Yurt Imparts a Beautiful Home & The Best Backyard

You might think that a family that chooses to live full-time in a tent in Alaska would be marshaling a flighty Walden-esque, "greener than thou" bent. For the Schneiders, the truth is far more interesting and down-to-earth than that. When they learned about yurts, they did what any of us would do and kicked the idea around with a "wouldn't it be funny if . . ." And there you have it - the family of four lives in a yurt on a choice piece of land in Alaska.

When you dig mountains, rivers, trees, and all manner of human powered adventure, you may as well raise your kids in one of these.  The downsides are few . . . And their motivation for yurt living is neither heady nor over-reaching: "We are not doing this to change the world or anything, but it has been a great lesson in how much space you need to live." Ben says.

Stop what you're doing and watch this video tour inside their home.

Fulfilled Dreams: Family Goes Around the World in a MAN Camper

MAN camper, family around the world overlanding expedition

Yes, you're looking at two spare tires. Giant ones.  And a canoe. What the hell kind of weekend family camping trip is this, Stephens? Well, it's not.  This is what a round-the-world family camper looks like, and it'll take a little longer than a weekend.

There's just one problem with this photo . . .

The Cold Sucks? Try Winter Hiking In Alaska. Yeah, with Children.

Ahhhh-laska. Alaska. In the words of James Taylor - in a song about an entirely different place but sets the mood: "I've never been but I'd sure like to go."  Now I have a whole new reason to get up there. The Last Frontier, as Alaska is nicknamed, is home to The Taiga Trekkers, a group of parents who meet on a weekly basis to hike. Adventure parents at the root, no matter the season.

How To Score $1,500: Survive a 40-Day Road Trip With a 4-Year-Old Boy and Make a Video of It

Okay, so it's time to say it . . .  Some videos made by parents are the kind that only grandma and grandpa would enjoy because they're, you know, like 38 crooked-camera-shaken-minutes of a child in pajamas trying to hit a wiffle ball off of a tee. God bless 'em, but we can't all sit through it and get the same proud feeling - we all have our own self-inflated videos, don't we?

Well, so long wiffle ball. William Haun and his 4 year-old son, Trey, knocked this one out of the park. Not kidding. Their video is not only just 3 minutes long, but they won a $1,500 prize for it, too. You should see it.

Rolf and Jenny: 1 Year On The Road with a Baby Boy. Are They Nuts?

rolf and jennyAdventureParents.com is here to toast the fun parents who see value in taking their children out; whether it's around the world or around the neighborhood.  So check out Jenny and Rolf: they're going to take a year off to travel the U.S. with their 17-month old son. They say they're doing it "to bring America back to nature by using our family as a model to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower others to get out and enjoy America’s wilderness areas."

Watch their intro video for a little bit of wacky inspiration.

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