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Brooke, adventure parentBecoming a parent can (and oh it will) happen to anyone - that goes for any whitewater lover, big wall climber, backpacker, ultra runner, damn good frisbee tosser, and, well, you. One day you're hang-dogging a 5.10b or admiring those tan lines left by your Chacos on the tops of your feet and the next you're hearing, "We're pregnant."  And you think, "My life is over. Goodbye kayaks, so long Chamonix summer adventure, hello minivan."
Maybe it's not over. Maybe you don't need a minivan.  Unless you want one.
Check out these parents and families who set the stage and take their kids outside.

Following in Dad's Footsteps: The Stunning Photography of Aaron Newman and His Son

young boy photographer

I think it's the universal desire of fathers of all backgrounds to overhear their sons saying to their friends, "I wanna be just like my dad." One problem with being an outdoor photographer is that it's often grueling work with long hikes, heat exposure, funky camping, and bizarre days - things surely to turn off any 11-year-old varmint in the modern era.  For Aaron Newman, the story is different. "Trevor and I both enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking, shooting guns, shooting cameras, and camping. We also enjoy playing sports such as golf and football. One of the things we both enjoy the most is getting out and exploring blue highways, dirt roads and trails anywhere we can. It can be on the way to National Parks across the United States or even just a random road in one of Arizona’s deserts."

His son enjoys picking up the camera and hanging out with dad.  Here's their cool story.

Meet The Woods Clan: 15 Questions for an Infectiously Fun Family

They're busy folks.  Nathan is in architecture, Marni in management of a civil engineering firm.  Both full time parents of two energetic children Trevor and Megan.  Still they find time to take memorable trips to the outdoors together, and they absolutely radiate with infectious mirth - once again I'm looking at kindred souls I wish were my very own neighbors.

Brace yourself for some big shockers here:
Trevor Woods, age 12, loves catching bugs and lizards, enjoys rocks of all sizes, and climbs everything in sight.
Megan Woods, age 8, loves playing in the dirt, collecting rocks, catching dragonflies, and sitting on Daddy’s lap and steering the Jeep while on the trail.

Put your hands together for the Woods Family.  All four participated in this one.

10 Questions for The Adventure-Traveling Moody Family from Utah

The first time I met Roger Moody, he was kicking around a paradisiacal grassy bluff with an arial view above the Provo River in Utah's Uinta Mountains.  It was a sunny June day and I was meeting him and his family for the first time at this far-off campsite, and we'd planned it all via the internet. For all I knew, he could have been an ax murderer with a goatee . . .

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