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Brooke, adventure parentBecoming a parent can (and oh it will) happen to anyone - that goes for any whitewater lover, big wall climber, backpacker, ultra runner, damn good frisbee tosser, and, well, you. One day you're hang-dogging a 5.10b or admiring those tan lines left by your Chacos on the tops of your feet and the next you're hearing, "We're pregnant."  And you think, "My life is over. Goodbye kayaks, so long Chamonix summer adventure, hello minivan."
Maybe it's not over. Maybe you don't need a minivan.  Unless you want one.
Check out these parents and families who set the stage and take their kids outside.

What It's Like to Be a Girl Growing Up On Hawaii's North Shore

Jordyn -Barratt 002

Raising little girls is a lot of fun, and I only know that because I have two daughters. Mine are young still, the oldest is just 5 years old. In this age of the internet it is so easy to show them all the possibilities of the crazy cool things they can get involved in, or the people they can grow up to become . . .

The Cool Story of How Rock Climber Tommy Caldwell Got Started

tommy caldwell climber on el capitan dawn wall

In the arena of big wall rock climbing, Tommy Caldwell is a guy with an impressive résumé. We're talking numerous first free ascents on El Capitan and an insane enduro record of Yosemite's Triple Crown he pulled off in 2012 with Alex Honnold — 80 pitches combined of three classic big wall climbs in just over 21 hours.

So what makes a guy like this tick? How'd he get his start? This video shows how he credits his dad with getting him started. Click on through to see it.

11-Year-Old Girl Is a Rock Climber Like No Other

Brooke Raboutou climber girl

Given the last week's news of Lance Armstrong coming clean about, oh, earning his Tour jerseys and resulting millions of dollars by fraud, it certainly has to give us parents some pause about the path we're setting our kids onto when we get them involved in competitive sports. Will they (we?) too become so enamored with winning that they'll turn to cheating? It sure does seem like the edge is near.

But here's a refreshing video profile of a very young athlete, Brooke Raboutou — an 11-year-old rock climber setting impressive records.

Live in a Van, Travel the World, Get Pregnant: The Story of The Trujillo Family

sprinter life tree and stevie mercedes sprinter van

It's easy to assume anyone on a long-term trip around the world is just a trustafarian; living on the good tidings of a wealthy relative and lacking appreciation for real work. But I know better. My time spent as a columnist on family adventure travel for Overland Journal put me in touch with nearly 100 families, all of them on the road for months or years. The truth about how to fund epic adventure travel is stark and down to earth.

Some examples? Click thru and check out this story.

The Short, Passionate Life of Skier Shane McConkey

shane mcconkey 001

"I get up and go to work everyday, and I'm stoked."

He may have been an inspiring professional skier of epic pioneering proportions, but Shane McConkey was much more, too. The charismatic, high-energy, grinning, infectious and exceptionally funny guy was also a husband and father. The news of his death in 2009 hit hard and fast, creating a tremor of emotion through the skiing world. Tragically, he'd left behind his bride of just under five years, and a three-year-old daughter. He was a favored and lovable freeskier who, in 2003, pulled off his first ski-BASE jump. That's exactly what it sounds like, a BASE jump on skis: big air, parachute landing. Over the years, he completed over 700 of these jumps sometimes with a wingsuit added to the recipe . . .

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