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Keeping It Local with Low Carbon Emissions: Biking to the Chandler Jazz Festival

You probably think, hey when does this kid take a break from eating? Never, actually.Modern American Rule #1: The road is no place for a person who's paying attention.

Let along one who's on a bike. With a little baby in a trailer. But we did it anyway and enjoyed an evening of wine, women and song (more like beer, family, and jazz, but whatever) by bicycling down to the Chandler Jazz Festival way back when Chloe was just a little 8 month thing.

Photo Gallery: Sonoita, Patagonia, & Nogales by Back Road

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We could have just driven down to any one of six or seven strip malls and found a Bed Bath and Beyond or something. But we wanted to buy something handcrafted and imperfect.  So we loaded the bikes and headed down the road for a two-day-and-three-night back road adventure through Tucson, Sonoita, Patagonia, and Nogales . . . just to buy a set of colorful mexican glasses and margarita pitcher south of the border. Chloe was learning to walk.  Labor Day 2008.

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