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Photo of The Day: Surfing in Bali

Before becoming parents, René Brask and his wife Sophie traveled around the world in search of waves to surf. The pair from Denmark found a fine place in Bali, a mountainous Indonesian island just south of the equator in the Java Sea, and returned to it every year for five years running. As it seems to always go, one day they learned they were going to have a baby . . .

Gallery: Kofa Wildlife Refuge as Ultimate Winter Adventure Destination

Last I heard, Jackson, Wyoming is enjoying a lovely 10-degree low and taking on an inch or two of fluff during some awfully pleasant snow flurries. They say the skiing's not that great this year, either. So prepare yourself. Corners of the American Sonoran Desert are invoking cliché lyrics to Jimmy Buffet songs at 74 degrees during the day and chilling the bones at night around 45. Those are facts, so pack the bikes and come on down. 38 Photos . . .

Photo of The Day: Happy Vibes for 2012 Coming to You by Way of Flashlight Art

Camera: Canon 5D | Lens: EF24-105mm | Setting: f/7.1, 30sec, ISO 1000

From us to you, good reader, a New Year wish. The place to be on this recent New Year's Eve, for us and an assortment of friends anyway, was a far off slice of beach on the Sea of Cortés down in ol' Mexico. And we couldn't stop thinking of you. It's a place that's good for kids, clean and empty, and as relaxing or as adventurous as . . .

Gallery: 20 Photos of Winter Rain in the Desert

Place a wager for best description of a desert rain on chapter twelve of Barbara Kingsolver's book The Bean Trees and there's a good chance you'd win. She crescendos over the course of some 800 words just to build up to her description of the subtle and therefore easily dismissed scent that rises in the air before a desert summer rain. It's a remarkable and realistic chapter. So why would I bother writing about it?

Photo of The Day: Warming the Winter Adventures with German Feuerzangenbowle

Camera: Canon 5D | Lens: EF24-105mm | Setting: f/4, 1/8, ISO 1600

As a nine-year old girl with big, brown, criminally beautiful eyes tells me you're not supposed to call people weird. They're "artsy." So, I have a bunch of artsy friends who like to make a tradition out of gathering deep in the desert totally off the grid on the weekend after Thanksgiving. It starts with all participants knowing just three things:

  1. Who's coming and how the responsibilities of food, drink, firewood, and frisbees are divvied up
  2. A location in the form of a geodetic datum
  3. That we're going to make a couple pots of feuerzangenbowle, the stuff you see ablaze here

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