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Photo of the Day: Mom's Day Off, Goes Climbing Instead

alyssa rappels looking glass rock utah

You won't find too many folks who'll analogize parenting with multi-pitch rock climbing. Unless you come to, y'all. This is the place for that, obscure as it may be. The two, parenting and climbing, certainly do share few concepts but the only one that matters right now is this: sometimes you swap leads . . .

Gallery: 4-Day Family Adventure Travel to Puerto Lobos, Mexico

puerto lobos mexico family beach camping

At first, you think there's absolutely nothing to do at these little seaside fishing villages on certain empty stretches on the coast of Mexico. In one sense, you're right. No restaurants, no stores, no hotels. That's kind of a frightful thought, too, because I had talked a few friends to pack up thier kids and their dogs and their toys into their pick-ups and Land Cruisers and follow me to this, this . . . magical place at the end of a very long washboard dirt road. So, it had better be good. What happened for the next couple of days is revealed in this set of 50-some photos.

Cool Find: Helle Knives with Beautiful Wood Handles

helle knives 003

It's got to be hard to be a knife maker and stand out from the crowd. When you want to buy a knife, you have thousands and thousands of good ones to choose from (and even more bad ones . . .), so selecting a skewer isn't as much about which one is the best as much as which one speaks to you. I bought this Helle some time ago simply because I liked the handle . . .

Tim Baker's Surfari: The Quest for Surf and Family Fun on Australia's Coast


"Taking your family surfing — I like the sound of that." So the words flow from one of Australia's most decorated surf writers. But it's not just words, he did it. He packed up the Toyota, hitched a camper, loaded the surfboards and set out for the big lap around Australia, some 30,000 kilometers, with a wife and two kids. Here's how that worked out . . .

A Pretty Girl Broke Down, I Stopped to Help — Look What Happened

jeep family sunset silhouette

It started very innocently, I swear. I changed lanes on the bridge because the traffic in the right lane had totally stopped and I couldn't see why. I shifted into second gear, got ready to stomp the throttle, looked to the right and I saw exactly what the problem was. A minivan. It wasn't moving, and then I noticed the blond girl standing there utterly puzzled and stressed out.

"Oh, I know her." I laughed to myself, pulled over, blocked more traffic, got out and smiled at the girl.

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