If My Wife got A Tattoo: Modern Moms and Their Ink

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Note: Photos from parenting.com readers

Tattooing is so commonplace today that Brooke and I are total dorks for not having any ink on ourselves. But that's okay. I'm over it.

Although I've told Brooke a number of times that something small on her hip or back would be reeeeeealy cooooool, she refuses.  Since I don't have any desire to tattoo my body, she throws that back at me and says, "Well if you get one then so will I."

That's not a negotiation she's suggesting, you see it's actually a bluff. So here's to you moms with tattoos.

Like a perfect slice out of humanity, parenting.com has two (count 'em T-W-O!) galleries of moms showing off their tattoos. I like the variety of stories and artwork - from a little cross on the shoulder blade, to two full arms loaded with flowers, and a few special honors with perfect replications of their kid's handprints or footprints. You've gotta see this.

I know Brooke would never go for it, but if she did I have a suspicion she'd get a tattoo similar to this heart-shaped music theme.  That's just cool usage of the treble and bass clefs. Click it for the story.


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# Aaron 2009-11-03 09:10
dude my gf has a tat with our sons initials on back of her neck. its awesom and hot
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# Breeah 2010-03-30 10:11
I recently just started my half-sleeve in honor of my 19 month old daughter Lily and my 13 year old step-daughter Chloe.

I of course got lilies to represent the youngest but the issue came when the oldest wanted "horses" to represent her. Instead we compromised with Horsetail grasses.

It will be 2/3's done by the time I see you all next month!
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2010-03-30 11:27
That's awesome. You'll have to show it off!
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# farouk 2010-05-17 09:41
Sounds like a parent-daughter 'bonding' idea...
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