The Only Mexico Map You Can Trust: Baja Almanac

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It's happened.

The Baja Almanac is back in print after a decade-long siesta.  This calls for a fiesta.

Years ago, my friend Al Walter loaned me his copy of the Baja Almanac.  He's so well traveled in Baja that his Alamanac was passed to me in a plastic sleeve containing said Almanac in nearly three parts.  I say nearly because the cover held on by a 1/2" long shred of 120-lbs cover stock all the way until we'd reached Bahía de Los Angeles by way of a long dirt road nicely marked on the map, but poorly graded in real life.  His Almanac has seen at least a hundred forays down the quiet peninsula.

If you're versed in all things cartographic dealing with Mexico, you'll understand that there's not a single trustworthy map of Mexico anywhere.  Oh alright, that's a nigh magnification of the truth. AAA makes a pretty good road map.  Otherwise, trust nothing.  Right, they've got stacks of Mexico maps at your nearest Barnes and Noble, and every one of those maps lies.  Mislabeled roads, inaccurate junctions, and otherwise fairy tale highways to come sometime mañana.  Trust nada, amigos.

That's all true.  And all rules are meant to be broken.  The Baja Almanac is the shining star among maps of Mexico.  Yet it only covers the legendary Baja peninsula; some would say that peninsula is the best part so why bother with the rest?  No doubt, it's also called Mexico's "Land of Adventure."

Funny, though, that the Baja Almanac contains little statistical or tabular data like your normal almanac does. So you could say that the Baja Almanac is the worst almanac of Mexico.  But it's the best map.  And they've printed a new version that was released earlier this week - I'm proud to own one.

I suggest you get one while you can, before the next siesta.

¡Arriba, abajo, afuera, adentro!



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# W.S. 2010-07-25 10:32
It's a nice map,I have 2! Great resource
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# mlisonamoi 2013-10-13 04:28
uixalbewfouvsfq bsfout, qhlqxbswzi
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