Well This Gets Me Excited: $1000 Hiking Shoes

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Dsquared Roxy Hiking Boot

Oh great. Just great. Brooke's birthday has already passed. Our anniversary was last month. And it's July, a whole six months from Christmas. Just when I find the perfect gift for my hottie adventurous wife, I have no event to celebrate.

Maybe I'll just surprise her with a pair of these for fun. Just to say, "I love you."  Jewelry is one thing; these shoes are entirely different.  Seriously, they fulfill a certain fantasy I never knew I had . . .

What do you think would happen if I came through the door one evening after work with a pair of these babies in a bow-clad box? A swoon? A leaping spread eagle that lands around my hips and she smothers me with smooches? We'd get a babysitter for the night maybe?

$1,000 shoes....
but at least they're cute.
Yes the shoe is very real, but I may never know what it's like to give it to her. It's Italian. The pair costs $1,000 (no kidding). I groan when we have to pay $100 for running shoes, so I'm a lost cause for this shoe.

We spent a thousand bucks, actually just under, for the three of us in Baja for two weeks last month. Thousand-dollar shoes -- but at least they're cute.

You might recall that I wrote a piece called, "How To Marry And Adventurous Girl" a few weeks ago.  Seriously, my first piece of advice is notice her shoes and compliment her on them.  Wow.  Think.  What if you saw the object of your affection strutting around in a pair of these?  She's practical, she's spicy, she's fit. She's combining the workout of a a hiking shoe with the come-hither styling and delicious calf display of a high heel. Win-win.

Speaking of Winning . . .

Steve Casimiro from www.theadventurelife.org is so smitten with this shoe - of which he simply mutters "WTF?" - that he's giving away a video camera to the best submitted caption for this picture.  You can't win if you don't play.


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# Kellie 2010-07-01 15:36
OMG those are beautiful! LOL! :P My husband would kill me if I spent $1000 on shoes, but he'd like how I look in them that's for sure!!
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