Schultz Wild Fire Time Lapse Photography Shows Exactly Why We Should Take Our Kids to the Outdoors

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In June of 2010, an abandoned campfire turned into this flaming monster in Northern Arizona: the Schultz Fire. All told, it needlessly consumed over 15,000 acres of premium forest land (it can even be seen from space), and resulted in the evacuation of nearly 1,000 homes.

Charlie McCallie, a fine photographer from the area, shot this amazing time lapse of the fire on the north eastern slopes of the San Francisco Peaks - watch it.  It's a minute and a half well spent.

I think it exemplifies precisely why we ought to be taking our children to the outdoors to see, feel, touch, and taste the world and the wilderness. It wasn't until Helen Keller's teacher took her outside to the water pump to feel the w-a-t-e-r running over Helen's hands that finally Helen understood that the word she was learning to spell was this wonderful, real thing.

Such it is with our forests and primitive lands.  They're not just playgrounds - though they are that too - and they're not just parcels awaiting mass slaughter for the next strip mall and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Or golf course.  They're what God made before he moved on, scooped up a five fingers-worth of dirt and puffed his breath into the dust to create people.  If we don't expose our kids to wilderness, how will they ever learn to love it?

If there are lessons we've taken from this fire (it's so hard to call it a wildfire because it was caused by people . . .), they are: tend your campfire, and teach - not tell - your kids that fire is dangerous.  This time lapse helps teach it. I believe.

One more thing needs to be said:


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# CH 2010-07-13 12:45
There is also this one showing the fire igniting all the way from space
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