Baja Timelapse Photography: A Special Three-Minute Treat for Those of Us Who Enjoy Traveling that Peninsula of Wilderness

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Baja California Timelapses from Mike Flores on Vimeo.

Maybe you think I'm a tweaker because I dig these time lapses so much. But they're cool!

I really need to be careful because I'm on the edge of diving into time lapse photography.  Then Mike Flores here cranks up the coolness by using rotary tables and/or his own concoction of a dolly system - down in tasty, adventurous Baja. Man! I'd sacrifice chips and salsa for a whole month to pay for a rotary tables. And that's really saying something.

Been to Baja before?  You might recognize a few classics: Boojum trees, a vulture atop a cardon, Misión San Borja and, of course, the beloved and zany Coco's Corner. You'll feel the crisp Mexican Pacific wind, watch the starry, starry sky roll by, and witness the sunrise over a cemetary. My only critique, "Man, where're the fish tacos and Pacificos?"


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# Jimmy 2010-09-22 16:02
Wow! That's some awesome pictures
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