Changing the World: Maybe S'mores Are The Key to Developing Countries

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Smores from Tyler Alexis on Vimeo.

This is nothing new to you, I'm sure. S'mores are killer. But what's extra notable about this video is the chefs used genuine forest-plucked sticks sharpened with a pocket knife for their roasting tools.  The only thing that tells me is we've gotten soft in my family. We use store bought extendable forks for the marshmallows. And come up with creative ways to melt the chocolate on a rock.

Ania, the Ukrainian student living with us, is in a program called Future Leaders Exchange. This means she's supposed to learn some nuts and bolts about some "good ideas" that characterize life, politics, or culture in the U.S. and ultimately affect her own country with said good ideas. You can imagine where this might be going.  The first time we roasted marshmallows and smooshed them together with chocolate between graham cracker halves, her eyes grew wide and she finally asked, "What is that?"

"Oh, just something you're going to love."

She did.  She laughs her way through every s'more she eats around the campfire now.  Strings of marshmallow cling to her mouth and chocolate builds up in the corners of her lips.  No one's immune to the ridiculousness of s'mores and what they'll do to your face. And heart.

After her first s'more, she asked about that magic ingredient, marshmallow. Apparently, it's not a common product there. But she joked - or maybe not - with a smile, "I will find a way to get marshmallow there. My country needs s'mores."


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