Off-Duty Dads: An Unrivaled Documentary on Campsite Beer Pong

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Sure, making the first ascent of a crisp, beautiful, dead-vertical splitter in Indian Creek that eats #3 cams over and over ranks as a life-altering adventure. Same with taking a ride down Class 5 rapids in a sun-bleached raft pieced together by your buddy's duct tape skills. But at the end of the day, the casually considered campsite breeds more forms of adrenaline rushes than we'd previously realized. Perhaps one of the oldest is a rowdy game of horseshoes. More recently slacklining (video break) has risen on the list of Things To Do At Camp.

Few have the nerves to handle the suspense in this next campsite sport. You need a fine combination of skill: finesse, sharp-shooting aim, intensity, and the unspoken, understood requisite of thick skin.  You must have thick skin. You might think that the best players are college slackers who live in dorms. And you'd be so wrong. 30-Something dads clinging to their youth, growing beer guts, and spending a weekend camping with each other: these are the Beer Pong Pros you should fear.

When a group of dads are left to their own devices for a weekend without the family, they buy some ping pong balls, a stack of Solo cups, and guess what? All hell breaks loose. Watch them grasp for their youth in this campsite game of little merit. Here they are, The Dads of Beer Pong - AKA "seven guys go camping for the weekend without their families and guess what the fools got themselves into"  (pics get bigger when you clicker):


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