Happy New Year 2011: The Top 10 of 2010 from AdventureParents.com

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Thanks for the memories, good reader.  Have a Happy New Year.

I want to thank you for trekking with us through 2010, and especially thank you for your tweets, likes, comments, emails, and your smiles, chuckles and laughs from the other side of this screen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'd give you a fruitcake or figgy pudding if I could, or (more realistically) a cheery warm sip of tequila from this corner of the U.S. that mates with Mexico.

Maybe next year. And what's going to happen in 2011? Before I get to that, let me show you what happened in 2010. Here are the top articles you read, tweeted, "liked," linked to, and/or commented on -- the Best Of 2010:

  1. How To Marry an Adventurous Girl (got both the most tweets and the most "likes" on Facebook)
  2. Coolest uncle: Uncle Greg: Photos from Baja of the World's Coolest Uncle
  3. This one was linked to from other sites the most: Meet The Woods Clan: 15 Question for an Infectiously fun Family
  4. Best picture of Brooke in a bikini Most popular article by Brooke: Top 10 Things Brooke Loves About Baja, Mexico
  5. Most discussion generated on Expedition Portal: Are DVD Players in the Backseat Good or Bad?
  6. Most viewed timelapse video: Shultz Wildfire Timelapse Shows Why We Should Take Our Kids to the Outdoors
  7. Most popular recipe: Camping Margaritas (see? we know what parents really want. You've been outed.)
  8. Most viewed gallery: 76 Pictures from a Father's Day in Colorado's San Juan Mountains
  9. Most downloaded picture: Sleeping mom and baby on the beach in Mexico
  10. My personal favorite: How a Girl Can Gain Ground on the Rocky Roads: A Woman's Take on Off-Highway Adventuring

Here's what I've learned: you are the most important piece of this blog.  We started AdventureParents.com on a fleeting whim, with no real plan (not recommended, btw), just a couple of blogs here and there and some pictures.  And then I realized that I want to talk with, make friends with, other parents. This is AdventureParents.com, and there are loads of interesting families out there -- getting out there, keeping fit, showing their children the world, sucking up every breath that life may give them, making smiles and memories. Here's to you and your new year.  You.

In 2011, I want to write more about other people and what they're doing; and maybe that's you.  Sure, we have to do the obligatory gear review and "super cute kid photo" once in a while (parents are untrustworthy with a camera in hand). AdventureParents.com is going to be a celebration of people doing cool things, and maybe it'll inspire each of us just a little bit more.  Maybe we'll all become slightly better people for doing things outside in the fresh air. Maybe happy outdoor time will save some marriages.

Tonight, when you're belting Auld Lang Syne (the song nobody knows) as best you can and kissing as many good-looking lips as you can, I hope you think fondly of your new-found friendship with Mark and Brooke of AdventureParents.com.

I raise my glass, good person. Here's to health, happiness, and your inspiring family.  Have a happy new year.

- Mark


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