Desert Valleys: 21 Photos from a Backroad Trip Through the Deserts of Utah and Arizona

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What never occurred to me until the quiet, blue moments on the highway home is that we live in an age when it's okay to ask a stranger in a Moab, Utah coffee shop, "Hey bro, can I bum that USB cable for a minute?"

We were gone for a week, which explains the dark void otherwise known as "" for the last seven days. The wildness started in our driveway, laden to well over GVWR and wishing for more space so we could pack the acoustic 6-string - trivialities like sleeping bags and a change of clothes for four people won.

That afternoon we rolled into Monument Valley, camped at Goosenecks, trolled through Valley of The Gods, then landed at Indian Creek the second night. By the time we got to Moab, Utah on the third day, I had a few gig-worth of photos to share, more free wi-fi than I could shake a USB cable at, but, alas, I had packed no USB cable. I know. No guitar, no USB cable - what the hell did we pack then?

Such a simple thing, a USB cable. 6" or longer, plastic sheath, metal thingies at either end - it's a wonderful device that takes you from picture taker to internet socialite with proof-of-travel in just a few moments. I know they're cheap and easy to buy.  That's why I have a drawer full of them at home.  On principle I resisted buying something I didn't really need in the long run. What a shame, a real shame, I never thought to bum a USB cable like a cigarette.

There's something I learned this week - be not afraid to bum. Anyway, no more ado. Here are the highlights, in photo form, from our family spring break trip from southern Utah to southern Arizona. The real story is coming, but I know you just want the pictures.

Just click the pics, good person:


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