The Art of Riding Bikes with The Whole (Damn) Family

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"Kids suck at riding bikes. I'll tell you that right now. Amateurs. All the energy you gotta have TO RIDE TO THE END OF THE BLOCK."

If this doesn't nail it right on the head . . .

Spring is here. Dust off the helmets, lube up the chains, eat some Twinkies.

Via:, with some bonus news. They're hosting a little contest with a $250 prize - they just want to know what your favorite line is from this video. Click the link to tell them which one you thought was the funniest.


Jenn @ MBJ
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# Jenn @ MBJ 2011-03-25 08:17
As a family very new to bike riding together, I can totally see this being our future.

I pretty much died at the Lance Armstrong bit.
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# David 2011-03-25 09:53
LOL! "the Sheryl Crow thing, he hit that" too funny!!
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