A New Definition for an SUV in the Suburbs: The Bucket Bike

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I commute 44 miles to-and-from work every day of the week, and a couple of days I'm also in charge of drop-off-and-pick-up for my daughter who is in pre-school. Her school is five miles in the opposite direction of my office, which means an additional 10 miles for me on those days. So not cool, and so not possible on a bike if I value sleep.

Shortly after she started school, I sold my lifted-with-oversize-tires Jeep Wrangler for more money than I hoped for, and bought a used Audi A3 that sips a gallon of gasoline for every 30 miles I drive. I'm so pleased with that improvement. And sometimes I can manage to ride to work on a Trek mountain bike that I've bastardized with a rack, panniers and a set of skinny Serfas road tires. Sure it's kind of goofy and miscalculated, but it also meets my budget. It is what it is.

Sometimes, too, my daughter will ride in her Croozer bike trailer.  She's hit and miss, though.  Sometimes she's stoked to go for a ride and other times she just says no thanks. But when she's down, we'll go to the grocery store, get a treat (don't tell her mom), or ride to the park and play a while. What's so cool is that I ditched bike riding all together when I turned 16 and bought a convertible two-door Fiat. It took getting married and having kids to rekindle bike love again. Hmm. You could say the Fiat did it's job . . .

Madsen Cycles is responsible for this "bucket bike," which they say was inspired by the idea of a fun way to ride with the kids. I love the show of style of fun, that riding a bike need not be strange or unusual or require special clothing or jerseys. You ever look at someone on a road bike and say, "Gee, I'd like to try that, but I don't really want to buy all those clothes and pretend to be sponsored"?  That's the mystique of bike riding. On the outside looking in, it's easy to think you just don't fit, or that there's some elitism to it. Then staple onto that the fact that you're a parent living in the suburbs and you're going to feel doomed to dorkhood.

The statement here by Madsen Cycles is perfect, unassuming, inviting, welcome. Yes, feminine too. That's half of the awesome. Making practical bike riding not just attainable but also fun and stylish, if you'll allow me to say so. Just looking at it, I can't imagine a kid who wouldn't absolutely dig an afternoon Tour de Block with mom or dad pedalin' on the front end.

I know, I know. Gasp. It's totally bereft of a back seat DVD player. And it kind of makes you smile at the idea, doesn't it?

If you're thinking that packing your kids into the bucket is just another way to ensure early dementia in your life, rethink that. Consider the lovely Autumn Kimball, an owner of a Madsen bike, wife, and mother to -- are you sitting down for this? -- quadruplets.

And they're all boys. My goodness, they make this biking-with-the-kids stuff look good, don't they?

Autumn Kimball, Madsen Bike, quadruplet boys

Via The Kimball Herd


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