Behind The Scenes on a Photo Shoot for National Geographic with Jimmy Chin

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My 4 year old daughter usurped my longest piece of climbing gear. It's a 30-foot piece of bright yellow tubular webbing that I used quite frequently for building anchors until I dedicated it to slacklining. But I have to admit rock climbing is one of the pursuits that I've accidentally abandoned, so I should be happy to see my little girl playing with my near-forgotten gear, tying it to the back of a hat, putting it on her head, and hearing her declare, "I'm Rapunzel, Papa! Pretend you're stuck. I'll save you!" Brooke and I used to spend more than one weekend a month climbing - er, more like hang dogging - somewhere. Climbing is a drug and you're easily addicted. Even though I haven't been in a long time, I will always enjoy the photography of guys like Greg Epperson, the ripping yarns of ol' John Long, and fun adventure stories from the regular folk road tripping in their bashed up econo cars.

This video is extra special. You and I get to spend a mere 6 minutes dangling on Yosemite's El Cap with the photographer Jimmy Chin and he tells us about his days working on the cover story for National Geographic's May 2011 issue. Like I said, I still enjoy climbing stories and photos though it's been a long time since I've felt the sting of pulling on a crimp on a desert granite slab. This video spotlights some appreciation for how those stories and photos get made. While the climbing stories Chin covers are largely about a few of the seemingly immortal rock stars - which is a little meh - the real story is Chin. He works hard and long and still pulls off this enlightening and interesting short documentary.

"At the end of the day," Chin either laments or celebrates, "I got one photo that I felt truly captured Yosemite climbing that made me happy."

And later on, "I haven't showered in like over a week."

Now, may all the interwebz thank Jimmy Chin for the pics . . .

Via Gear Patrol

So I'll throw out my message in a bottle here: anyone out there want a climbing partner? I've got a full trad rack, a couple of ropes and I'm ready when you are.


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