The River Why: A Film About Love of Family and Wilderness

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Perhaps this plays right into last week's poll about what will happen to our kids who get raised on the outdoors and travel (clicky-doo), but it really deals with a mutation of the topic. What happens when our kids who are raised on the outdoors and travel grow up to despise us parents? The protagonist in this story, Gus, grows up in a household of fisherfolk, raised on fly fishing and immersed into a lifestyle connected with wilderness. He enters late adolescence much the same way many do: with a rift between him and his family.

If you're familiar with this story, a book by the same name written by novelist David James Duncan, you know that it's both charming and fascinating, as well as intelligent and funny. And very much about fly fishing and a love affair with wilderness. Truthfully, I can't speak for the film as I've only read the book, so it's the theme of the story that I'll stick to here. Movies are movies. If you don't expect too much from movies adapted from books, then hey, you won't be let down.

It features some decent actors like Kathleen Quinlan, William Hurt, Zach Gilford and Amber Heard. You can only catch some screenings of it here and there, but it should be available on DVD later this fall.

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