Where Are the 10 Best Camp Spots in Arizona?

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When another "Top 10 Best" feature in a magazine lands in my paws, I'm probably just as put off and pulled in as anybody with a moment of disdain and wonder: did my beloved _____ make the list? The perfect formula to spark your curiosity strokes both love and hate. We hate to see our little home town or favorite Sunday breakfast restaurant overused and under appreciated by the public but a part of us also loves to see recognition for the places, people and things that shape our personal lives. Right? The magazine publishing industry will always have this fail-safe headline to toss at us; and it seems we'll chomp on it every single time.

When it comes to precious wilderness, dirt roads, and superb places to pitch a tent, we get a twist in our gut. Please, it begs, please don't give away too much information. Please don't make it too good. Tell them there's cow shit and poisonous snakes everywhere. But that wouldn't be the truth. If Outside or Backpacker posits another blast of the 10 best campsites, well, they're probably pretty good. What if Arizona Highways does the same? Local expertise always ratchets up the awesome factor. Last year when I saw a piece by Kerrick James in Arizona Highways about the 10 best camping sites in Arizona, I just knew he'd give up the goods on my favorite cow- and snake-free hideaways.

But that didn't exactly happen. Instead, I discovered a few to add to my personal tick list. Some are down long bumpy dirt roads, others are right off a paved highway. Either way, get your map out. You'll need to put in a little effort of your own, as usual, but you'll be rewarded with isolated views at Grand Canyon and killer spots at water's edge on Lake Mead. And more, of course.

Check out the whole list with directions at the Arizona Highways website:

Free samples from my collection -

Point Sublime, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park

Cochise Stronghold


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# Ania 2011-10-04 13:01
Ow Arizona! The land of wonders...
Such a beautiful photo of the Canyon!
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Lindsey Wilson
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# Lindsey Wilson 2011-10-06 09:32
Lists have ruined (for me) so many of my favorite childhood hikes/bikes/cam ping in Southern Utah. I have some favorite spots in AZ too. Of course most of them have Cows, snakes AND hovering helicopters (they are near my birthplace, Doulgas AZ). Wonder why none of those boarder spots made the list? Yes!!!

Some cool places to check out on this list. Wow. Sorry suckers who wanted to keep them secret. What can you do? Can't wait to one day live in or near AZ again. Love that place.
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sky trips
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# sky trips 2013-09-05 03:52
Thanks for sharing this information here. I am planning for Arizona vacation and was looking for the best camping place, now I got idea about that. Thanks again.
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