If You're Going to Have a Midlife Crisis, Do It Like This

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What says "midlife crisis" like a new found interest in motorcycles, sports cars, or bombshell girlfriends? When my brother turned 40, all of a sudden he was into punishing his body. He was pulling off ultralight day-long sprints on trails that normal folks spend two or three days backpacking. He completed a rim-to-rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon in one weekend. He clung to the door of his Tacoma, dragging his legs down the pavement for a half block, as a thief stole it right out of his driveway. Turning 40 ain't easy.

The salt-n-pepper dudes in this film hit midlife at full throttle but from a different angle. They road tripped through Wales for a standard 48 hours (what says "Weekend Warrior" like a 48 hour road trip?) in search of wicked awesome backcountry swimming holes. And they took running dives into each one, living large and celebrating life.

After all, the point is to tell yourself that you're not as old as your dad was when he was your age, and that you still know how to have a good time. We must leave the next generation something to, um, aspire to . . . or abhor? Conquer?

Wild Swimming Trailer


Bring The Kids
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# Bring The Kids 2011-10-27 05:35
Wow, now there's a good plug for a mid-life crisis. I think I'll have one of those please! Totally awesome!
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