Choosing an Adventure Vehicle Part III: AEV Brute Double Cab 4-Door Jeep, um, Thing

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AEV Conversions Double Cab 4-Door Jeep Brute Conversion

After a moment of hushed awe, may the words of many Jeep addicts, critics, connoisseurs, and paramours fall upon your ears with a smile: this thing is downright sexy. For nearly 10 years now, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), an inventive if not inspiringly diabolical company in based in Montana, has been producing a much-admired franken Jeep they call the Brute. As simple as I can state it, the Brute is a not-so ordinary converted Jeep with a lift, larger tires and modified body with a pickup truck bed behind the two-seater cab. The awesome of a Jeep packaged up with the utility of a truck. AEV also offers a 470-hp (not a typo) Hemi engine conversion making this beast, in the words of the company's president and founder, Dave Harriton, "more AEV than it is Jeep."

The problem, aside from the colossal ding to your Swiss bank account, is the two seats. In case you haven't heard, planet Earth is now sailing the seas of the solar system with 7 billion souls aboard as of last week, which means most of us have families. Sure, 20 years ago, the kids could just hop in the truck bed. Times and safety standards have changed.

The answer is right there in the photo: AEV's new Double Cab Brute. All the rugged style and performance of a Jeep with the utility of a truck and the kid-hauling space of a minivan SUV.

"Harriton is quick to point out that the Brute Double Cab is not meant to be an alternative to a traditional pickup, but is uniquely positioned to serve the overland market with more off road capability than a four-door truck and more cargo room and carrying capacity than a Jeep."

There's just one thing we take exception to: "With seating for five and the storage provided by the fold flat rear seats, it makes for an ideal camping platform, whether it be a couple weeks through the Atacama desert or just a weekend trip with the family." WTF? How about a couple weeks through the Atacama Desert with the family?

The goods:

This series, Choosing and Adventure Vehicle, is a whimsical, if not admiring, look at the four-wheeled contraptions any family has to choose from that helps get the clan from Point A to Point B. Always factual to the details of the vehicle, but also adorned with hyperbole and whimsy out of affection for the subject matter. See the other articles in this series:


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# Amanda 2011-11-02 10:24
We considered trading my Jeep Liberty in for a 4 door Rubicon. Then I pointed out that we were trying for kids and also had 3 dogs to consider. As much as I love Jeep's, we need space. His F150 has since then started with the overland upgrades.
The sacrifices we make.
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# Mark 2011-11-02 12:46
Ah, yes "The sacrifices we make" . . . for our children. :-)
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# Emgee 2013-04-16 04:22
Dirt roads, mountain sides, scenic routes, adventure trips, roughing it out and having a lot of fun. You can’t do this without the proper transportation. With all that Jeep Brute promises, you can’t go wrong with it. Click here for more information.
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