How to Look Good On a Slackline: Wear a Toga and Be In The Super Bowl Halftime Show with Madonna, Or Do This

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I've Got Talent: Jelena & Ingrid, Highliners
from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

If you caught the 12-minute circus act that was Madonna's Super Bowl half time show, you probably saw that guy wearing, I think, a toga and working for a paycheck on a slackline right there in the spotlight. His name is Andy Lewis, he's 25 years old, and his 30-second professional slackline act during the halftime show caught a lot of attention. Get more of that story at The New York Times. But here's a quote:

His curly-haired, toga-wearing character was supposed to be a combination of Caesar and Socrates, the father of the philosophy of slacklining known as Slackrates, Lewis said. Or at least that was the plan.

“A lot of people said I looked like Will Ferrell or Napoleon Dynamite,” he said.

Like a buddy of mine tweeted, "#Slacklining had its moment in the lights. Now ER's everywhere will be treating idiot newbs trying acrobatics on a slackline." I told him that on the bright shiny side of things, at least we'll be treated to endless videos on the interwebz of gnarly groin shots. There's something for everybody, you see.

While Andy Lewis may have helped popularize the preferred pastime of dirtbaggers around the world, I don't think he was the first to fan the flames of stoke for the sport/art/craft/fun-waste-of-time but he gets a place in the history books. In fact, take a look at this video by Seb Montaz of two stunning, foxy, and delightful ladies slacklining over a river before an enraptured crowd. Jelena and Ingrid make the activity look good. Really good, and really fun. And they're not even wearing togas.


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# James 2012-03-15 14:51
Those young ladies are outstanding athletes!
The Super Bowl stuff...I didn't see it.
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