When a 7-Year-Old Surfer Girl Dreams Big

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This past weekend, 19-year-old Kelia Moniz took second place in the ROXY Waikiki Classic, the third of seven qualifier events for the Association of Surfing Professionals Women’s World Longboard Tour. Not bad, eh?

This short GoPro video kicks off here with a full minute of mesmerizing, if mellow, longboard action by Kelia backed by a funky acoustic-ish soundtrack. You'll ride a few waves with Moniz who captivates your attention with her delightful command of the surfboard. But it's only 50% about her, who rightfully deserves some spotlight for her accomplishments and happy persona. Yet, in a seemingly abrupt shift, little Lily Richards, a 7 year old blondie and aspiring lil' grommet surfer, catches a wave and steals the hearts of the crowd at a surf event in late 2011 with her announcement, "Just a reminder, if you see any trash, pick it up. We don't want bad things to happen to the dolphins."

What a doll. Hang in there for her short interview with Moniz that kicks off with a real gripper: "C'mon Kelia . . . how it is feeling to be beautiful and famous?"

If I had a nickel for every time I've been asked that question.

I wouldn't even have a nickel.

But embedded in the footage and conversation is a message for young girls, maybe their parents too, about aspirations and goals and competition and confidence and fun. More and more, and probably because I'm raising daughters myself, it's refreshing and exciting to see young women kill it in great sports like surfing — commercialized or not — and spreading some good vibes to one another.


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