Two Little Kids Brave The Wilderness Alone And All They Got Was This Little Movie

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How does the idea sit with you of two young children, a brother maybe 6 years old and a little baby sister still in diapers, forced to confront the adventure of trekking through the wilderness all alone? Not all that well, huh?

Fret not, it's just a narrative comedy film: The Adventure of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila). On a car ride to visit their grandma, the car crashes on quiet back road, Mom is either dead or unconscious and there's no one around and there probably won't be for a while. Jojo, still rockin' his pajamas and cowboy boots, takes it upon himself to fetch his little sister Avila from the backseat and hoof it "over the hills and through the woods" to Grandma's house. They ride a river in a barrel, bicker over snacks, encounter a hungry wolf, and fend off a creepy hobo and more. As the film's creator Brian vonSchmidt says, "It's kind of like Milo and Otis but with kids instead of animals."

Yep, that Jojo sports a coonskin hat, ushering in both adventure and comic relief. Naturally. What else could a coonskin hat possibly say?

Watch this trailer, it'll just take a few minutes. For a moment you might feel like it's got a touch of schmaltzy Ernest-Goes-to-Camp humor, but get all the way through it. It looks promising as a fine piece of entertainment for the outdoorsy fam. Brian vonSchmidt is formally trained in character animation, has worked in film and television for other companies, but this is his first project under his own power and dollar.

So where can you see the whole 90-minute enchilda? If you're willing to kick in a little coin, you can have it right in your living room. To polish up some things, secure some licensing, and juice the promotional hype machine, vonSchmidt's hooked up on to raise the final $29,000 he needs to get the film before your eyes.

Avila, now a few years older, makes the pitch-plea at the end of the trailer. She'll steal your heart, as any blue-eyed blond would.

Kickstarter is a clever avenue for folks to crowd-source funding for their creative projects that have a clear goal, that intend to make some money, but need some help to get going. Financial backers, in turn, receive incentive rewards when a project reaches its goal. So, you can kick in whatever you want to help get a creative project launched and on the market. And then there are rewards if you do. In the case of this movie, at $25 you'll get a digital copy of the film and movie poster, at $75 you'd get a Blu-ray hardcopy, and if you can manage to pony up $100 — I hope you're sitting down — you'd get that Blu-ray plus your very own coonskin hat.

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