Flattering Summer Time Maternity Fashion from a Dad's Point of View

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Should everything go well, my wife will be giving birth to our second child early in September. It's going to be a long, hot summer I know, but because she and I went on our first date in the summer over 10 years ago, I'm nostalgic for this time of year. The first pangs of summer sizzles amour and the memories of being young and mostly carefree come on strong once again. No doubt I think she's a pretty lady at any time of the day, but summertime means flip flops and the scent of sunscreen and pony tails. For better or worse, and for reasons just beyond comprehension, that's the combination that lured me in and rendered me smitten.

In fact, we got hitched outside at the foothills of a desert mountain in the sultry evening warmth of May 17, 2003.

Before I say far too much, let me get to the point. I'm out of my league when I'm making any sort of fashion buys for her. I only know what I think she'll like, and hopefully that's the same thing as what I think she'll look good wearing. Know what I mean? For now, these are the summer maternity clothes I'm finding that convey a sense of whimsy, happiness, the outdoors: articles that make me think of her. And they're going to be mighty powerful forces when primed with the sweet, faint aroma of a recent application of Coppertone.

I'm done for. But I don't mind.

Rainbow "Flirty Brady" Flip Flops

If you've never worn a pair of Rainbow sandals, you should. They're $50 a pair for good reason. These in particular have a soft braided leather strap and a memory foam insole that make a perfect just-for-you fit, suggesting maximum comfort to an expecting mom who's obviously responsible for a growing baby and taking on additional pounds. Rainbows have a funky-yet-reasonable warranty that lasts as long as your foot hasn't worn into the next layer of the sole, either from the top or bottom. But if that leather strap stitching doesn't hold or the sole layers delaminate, Rainbow takes care of it. Rainbow has been making sandals since 1974, started in San Clemente, California with an output of about 15 pairs per day until their demand climbed. Today, you can find the sandals in national department stores or for hemp or synthetic versions check out the whole collection at Rainbow's website >>>

Handmade Bohemian Beach Dress

I can't say much because a picture is worth 1000 words. I'm picking up a vibe that says, "Dad goes kayaking while mom chills on the beach..."

Okay, just kidding.  This Etsy store sells nothing but lively, colorful custom made dresses. You can see more pictures of this fun pink and polka dot dress, and buy it of course, at this page >>>

Maternity Sundress

Something about a maternity sundress in summer says, "Yes, spring was good to us, wink wink." A vast selection of handmade dresses are easily found at Etsy, and I especially like how handmade goods are as much about art as they are about practicality. Zoe, the maker of this dress, says, "I drew our little house surrounded by a lot of big trees to remind [my husband] of how beautiful our neighborhood is and how lucky we are." She designed it to grow with your belly, and the v-neck makes it easy for nursing, too. Link >>>

Swim Suit Tankini

There's no shortage of maternity swim suits out there. Even bikinis. Then there's the tankini: a two-piece that has the modesty of a one-piece suit and the convenience of a bikini. A load of choices and designs found at Belly Dance Maternity >>>

Western Straw Dorfman Pacific Hat

If a hat's going to keep the sunshine off of your face, it may as well be one of these. Rugged, yes, and placed upon the sweet head of a lovely pregnant lady, I'm going to state right here that rugged means cute, too. This Dorfman Pacific is a lightweight western hat with a bendable wire brim. Get it from REI >>>



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