What About the Ultimate Family Adventure Trailer?

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In 2008, when National Geographic ADVENTURE magazine raved, "Coolest. Camper. Ever. The SylvanSport GO is the camp trailer for people who've never even thought about camp trailers," the folks at SylvanSport rode it for every penny that claim was worth, and still do today. If this were my product, I would too.

By far, the biggest objection anyone has toward a trailer is the idea of towing. Much of the road-tripping public would just assume to pile the ol' Escalade's roof until the bumper drags on the ground before saying one nice thing about trailers. The quote from NGA hits at the jugular. Here's the skinny. The SylvanSport GO trailer is a tent, a bed, and a 1000-lbs-capacity cargo area all in one, and an ultra-light one at that. As it sits, the GO weighs just 840 lbs thanks to the aluminum framework and synthetic pop-up tent made by Kelty. Plus, all collapsed for travel the trailer is just a hair over 4' tall. See where this is going? It's so light that you can tow it with a Subaru, and it's so low that you might forget it's behind you.

The upsides of a trailer remain conclusive: it offers a cool basecamp you can have packed and always ready to go in your garage, capacity for hauling precious bikes, kayaks and other toys, and, more notable for those us of who know well the problem of camping in roof top tents, your vehicle isn't stuck once camp is set up. But what makes the GO so special?

Part of it is in the Kelty tent, which pops up to over 7' tall inside, offers the space of a king-size-and-a-half area for sleeping, comes with self-inflating air mattress, sweet star gazer windows, has a table, and is just all around kind of snazzy. The tent also features an awning for your afternoon shaded kick back area while you reflect on the morning bike ride and watch birds on the beach in Mexico. The other part is that the rack accepts Thule and Yakima accessories, as it should. And it's super lightweight — but we've already covered that — and made right here in the U.S.A.

Yep, it just might be the ultimate family adventure trailer. Someone should go find out and report back.

So wouldn't it be nice to have one at your disposal for a few weeks? Believe it or not, that's possible. If you're up to the task, the folks at SylvanSport are offering up a chance to pack your family and gear into their trailer for an adventure limited only by your imagination. They're hosting a short essay contest to find three (3) finalists who each get substantial alone time (up to three months) with the GO and a pile of free gear from the other sponsors (Keen, Yakima, Spot, and so on).

So, get creative. In 250 words, they want to know what you would do with the trailer; in 200 words, how you'd grease the hype machine about your adventure — blog, create videos, something else? Naturally, the three finalists will be selected for their clever and unique entries. Then one of those finalists will also get to keep the trailer at the end of the contest. Entrants also go into the pool for weekly giveaways that start this week and go through May — back off you vultures! Back off! I want the parachute hammock.

You have until May 31. Enter at the SylvanSport website:

Entry Form: www.sylvansport.com/contest/entry-form/

Details: www.sylvansport.com/contest/contest-details


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