3 Adventure Travel Trips for Your Outdoorsy Mom

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Photo: Las Olas Surf Safaris

When Mother's Day arrives on May 13, you can go for a card and some flowers, and your mom or your children's mother will love them both. That charming breakfast of fresh sliced strawberries and maple bacon ought to make her happy, too. She'll smile and feel loved, and that is very, very good. But we got to thinking about it . . . you want to do something for her that will really knock her socks off? Sometimes a consumable gift does the trick; I tell you the truth, my own mom flipped her lid once when I got her a new cookie sheet as a gift. I haven't been able to top it since. But what about an experience instead of a thing? Sure, there's a day at the spa, and that's a wonderful treat.

However, I'm thinking about nature's spa. And other forms of relaxation (okay, make that thrilling relaxation) in the water. Here are 3 adventure trips to play in the waters of the outdoors, sometimes with a little pampering involved, but these are sure to make a long lasting impression on the lovely lady who's the salt of the earth in your life.

1. A Grand Canyon River Trip

There should be little doubt that riding a raft into the heart of the world's most impressive canyon will alter any adventurer's life. Grand Canyon only shares her hidden treasures with those who take the time and summon the energy to venture below the rim and ride the river — and the rewards are great. Find Anasazi cliff dwellings, untouched side canyons, paradisiacal waterfalls plunging into blue-green pools, and the feel mighty hush requested by the towering walls of a canyon that's been under the careful handiwork of Mother Nature for over 17 million years. Time stands still down in the Grand Canyon. A river trip is not just a chance to shut off the iPhone and go stress-free for a whole jaw-dropping week (or less if you want), but riding the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is an opportunity few people get to have. River trips are catered, have three different durations available (3 day, 4 day, or 6/7 day), and include a professional guide with a bent for telling good tales.

Offered by Western River Expeditions >>>

2. Kayaking Adventure in Baja

While it takes some upper-body effort, there aren't too many outdoor activities that are as relaxing yet stoking as sea kayaking. And the Sea of Cortés is as good a place as any to do it. Or better. Turquoise waters and abundant marine life are just the first two reasons why this location is known worldwide. Paddle out to perfect white sandy beaches where you'll be unbelievably alone, take a dip with orcas and sea turtles, paint your toe nails a perfect plum-purple while relaxing on the beach and finally sip a hand made margarita as the sun paints the sky gold at the close of day. Outfitters in Baja provide all the gear, guides, and tasty meals from a stunning beach base camp with paddling itineraries suitable for those with kids. Seriously.

Relaxing family-paced option offered by Sea Kayak Adventures >>>

3. Women's Surf Safari in Paradise

Secret surf break. Tiny remote village on the Pacific side of tropical Mexico. Lodging in gorgeous, dreamy open air cabana villas. 80-degree ocean water. No herds of tourists because this location is an hour's drive from the nearest resort town. It's quaint and relaxing with a great wave right out the window. Las Olas is a company that treats women to a week's worth of surf lessons in this sweet low-key Pacific heavenly hideaway. It's not all surfing, though. Pick from additional daily activities like morning yoga sessions, post-surf massages, Salsa dancing, yummy eating, fine drinking, and sparking new friendships.

But mostly it's learning to figure out that mysterious, tantalizing and life-changing sport of standing up on a board as it glides upon a beautiful peeling wave. And doing it over and over again. As Emilie, a mom who's been down there, shares, "I loved it even more than I thought I would." (Read more about her experiences with Las Olas: One Mom in Maine)

Offered by Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women >>>

Photo courtesy of Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women

Honorable Mention: SPOT Messenger

Maybe Mom wants to choose her own adventure, but any way you cut it she can let you know where she goes with the SPOT. It's a GPS-based satellite messaging tool that works where mobile phones don't, so you can let the people you love know two things: where you are and whether or not you're okay.

It's part social toy and part safety technology. The messenger creates a Google map that your peeps can check out any time to see your whereabouts on a map, send it by email, and can update your Facebook status if you want. Yep, even when there's no mobile phone  signal.

The device and service comes with an emergency SOS function, too. In a genuine emergency, the messenger notifies the GEOS International Emergency Response Center who then alerts the appropriate agency anywhere in the world to assemble a rescue.

For added functionality, the SPOT Connect is a different device that works with a smartphone, enabling you to employ the keyboard of the phone to type an on-the-fly custom message to the people you have on your list. Pretty clever.

Available at your outdoor retailers >>>


Disclosure: I did not receive payment or free goods from the companies here in exchange for sharing these ideas with you.



JoGo Equipment
+2 / 0
# JoGo Equipment 2012-05-02 09:21
Great article, want to go to Baja... :lol:
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+2 / 0
# Lindsey 2012-05-08 11:42
I'll take one of each. Please.
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2012-05-09 11:02
I would too, but I bet all I'll get for Father's Day is a coffee mug or something.
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+2 / 0
# Jen 2012-05-08 18:43
Great trips...I would add a bike trip ;-) I use the SPOT for my solo bike adventures. With 2 kiddos I often have to ride alone. Since I often ride in the backcounty with no cell service the SPOT makes me feel better about going alone!
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2012-05-08 22:13
Ha! I read that as "with 2 kiddos I often have to get out of the house ALONE." :-)
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