Vertigirl Takes Highline Slacklining to Space

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Vertigirl Films- Space Highline - Emily Sukiennik from Vertigirl Films on Vimeo.

When slacklining lost its thrill, dirtbags (I say it with affection) around the world simply moved the line higher and higher until the line was so high it needed a new name: highlining. Naturally. Then a few daring souls highlined over massive expanses without leashes and strapped parachutes to their backs instead. Just in case. And they've taken it to some of the world's most dazzling natural landscapes and spires and water falls to nab the ultimate photo op.

The next place to go is space. Seriously. They're calling this a "space highline." Take a close look. There's a three-point line, so you get a slackline that casts out into the void over a classic Moab canyon, and is suspended with a perpendicular line at the far end.



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# Pickles 2012-05-27 14:31
You know, the people you're affectionately calling "dirt bags" have been called "yuppies" for a really long time.
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