Women's Olympic Ski Jumping Wouldn't Exist If These Athletes Didn't Put Up a Fight

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"Female ski jumpers have never been allowed to compete in the Olympics." Says Kristen of the blog Brave Ski Mom. "Women can compete in hockey, bobsled, luge, curling, skiing, biathlon, skating and every other winter Olympic sport. But not ski jumping."

Athletes fought this for many years, and in 2011 the International Olympic Committee announced that women's ski jumping would be added to the 2014 Winter Olympics. For the first time in Olympic history, women will compete in ski jumping in Sochi, Russia.

That's the elevator version with the happy ending. But the whole story is one that's fraught with lawsuits and heartbreak and blatant sexism. Film director and writer Bill Kerig, at the request of his own daughter (what dad can say no to his daughter?), created a film to tell the story of sacrifice and determination that got women's ski jumping into the Olympics. The trailer for the film, Ready To Fly, begins about a minute and half into the video you see here. It kicks off with the very extraordinary and inspiring point-of-view video (and therefore viral — you've probably seen the first few seconds of this) of a 10 year old girl take her first ski jump, tapping into the thrill and joy of ski jumping and conquering fears. It's infectious.

The film has been seen at some festivals and screenings, but Kerig wants to take the story worldwide and has turned to crowdsourcing to get the funding to polish up the project and prepare it for distribution. Watch the video trailer, it's impressive.

You can pitch in with a donation of any size right here.
If you can't do that, then tell your friends about the film. That's all Kerig asks.

Via Brave Ski Mom

U.S. Women’s Ski Jumping team L to R — Alissa Johnson, Sarah Hendrickson, Jessica Jerome, Abby Hughes, Lindsey Van


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