Just So You Know, The Baby's Coming

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If you're a regular around here, first: thank you so very much. You're much appreciated. As time goes on with this little space on the web, I do what I can to point the spotlight on neat families, athletes, adventures, or products that'll connect with or inspire you — and I think you probably understand that. The photos, for the most part, come through my lens and you'll see an above average number of my own personal narratives, so it might seem odd when I tell you "adventure parents" is not intended to be a descriptor for me or my wife. This website is here to share things we think interest other like-minded parents: adventureparents.com is about hyping the scene of "adventurousish parents" at large and the things that excite them. I always hope that's clear.

I had to get that out first because, well . . .

. . . any moment now there's a baby girl that's going to join our household. I think I have my part rehearsed as the "birthing partner," getting the techniques down to help my wife relax, keep rhythmic breathing, and store up her energy for the delivery. I've looked at enough textbook art drawings of head-down babies in the womb, samples of what a 10 cm cervix looks like, and memorized a dozen coping positions to the point that the mystery and beauty that is the miracle of life is a little more scientific than it was when the stick turned pink. I must be ready. I'd like a stiff drink, please. No doubt we're going to be laying low for a bit, and as you may have noticed I've slowed down around here already. For happy reasons, you might not see a fresh new post for a bit; we'll be swaddling and shushing and handling all the round-the-clock demands that come with the territory of a new baby. Cut me a little slack.


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# Aaron 2012-08-31 04:39
Slack cut! ;)

Exciting times for you guys indeed! I wish you the best!
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# amy 2012-08-31 09:28
good luck guys!!!!
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# Amanda 2012-08-31 11:20
Congrats on the new baby! Best of luck on your newest adventure.
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