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As a parent of young kids, my house has no shortage of books with animals as the main characters and heaps of kindergarten art fanatical of flowers and butterflies and sunshine. It's my 5-year-old who'll look up at the sky at dusk and remind me of the full moon rising over power lines and suburban rooftops. "Look! The moon is full!" she yells, and it's a reminder that always makes me proud that she's mine. She'll pick flowers, swim in rivers, go barefoot in mud puddles, feed chickens and goats and sleep with a fluffy little hippopotomus.

One of the finer rewards of being a parent is getting to see the fiery joy set ablaze by a little kid's love of the natural world. I would think that the simple act of raising kids makes us more concerned about the condition of our planet. So while you don't ever find me discussing politics or religion on this website, sometimes there's a crossover. As this tweet from Jack Johnson shows.

Whether you agree or not, this here is your friendly reminder to take up your Sharpie in the ballot box tomorrow and exercise that right to vote.

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