The Dora The Explorer Spoof You've Always Wanted

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If you know nothing of Dora the Explorer you're forgiven. But the kids' show has been around since 2000, adapted to 26 foreign versions and two stage versions, and takes your money in the form of books, toys, videos and games. So there's a good chance you know all about it. You know about the cute Latina girl who travels around the world with her talking backpack and friend monkey named Boots. You've heard your own kids talking to yelling at the screen as they help solve the puzzles, count, find hidden characters in the scene, or repeat Spanish words. All good things, but enough is enough. And because of that, the last thing you ever want is another episode of Dora.

Like, ever.

If that's you, don't go too far. Your reward is here. This spoof movie trailer by College Humor will make you will laugh so hard you'll pee.

If it's not you, you won't.

Click play and enjoy.

dora explorer movie trailer spoof


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