This Is Not How You Teach a Child to Ski

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In parenthood, man, I know I've made more mistakes than I care to count or admit. That's the nature of parenting — it's full-speed in the dark without instructions so we're all going to have some regrets here and there. So casting judgement at other parents and their mistakes that unfortunately get caught on video and posted to the merciless court of the internet ought to come also with a moral to the story. Some of you might want to hang the anonymous dad in this video for sending his grom down a slope that's far too steep, some might not see a problem (I grew up with a friend who claims his dad taught him how to swim by tossing him into the pool at a young age and barking, "Swim, boy! Swim!").

However, I just want to pose a question to you peeps: can we agree that this should not be the way to teach children how to ski? It is supposed to be fun after all. Poor thing. Watch, you'll see. And cringe.


Stephanie Thomas
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# Stephanie Thomas 2013-01-09 12:15
Agreed! We live in Jackson Hole and our little guy has been skiing since he was 20 months old.. always slowly and in control. Now that he's three and in ski school once a week... he begs us to ski almost daily. Good thing for him kids in jackson ski free til their 5!
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2013-01-09 12:45
Free? I had no idea.
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